Profit and Peril

Last Session

  • Cornelius, Mordechai and Tak head back aboard the BBS to coordinate ship-side action while the Away Team (Remi, Hoban and Vendigrath) stay planetside to continue exploration
  • The BBS moves to engage the slave barges of Krawkin Feckward
  • The Away team investigates the ancient ruins/holy site of the Santarchs
  • They discover a giant space map embedded into the surface, identical to the ones you’ve seen, but with 1 crucial difference: One of the locations depicted shows a possible 2-way path
  • Guilliam Bissonet & Abel Gerrit finally arrive at Chandraskar
  • * Guilliam launches multiple warheads planetside, striking populated areas while Gerrit launches bomber squadrons who strafe areas where the other Rogue Traders have landed
  • * They land their troops at the temple
  • 4 Eldar ships enter the system
  • The portal at the temple is activated, spreading warpfire around the planet. An Eldar voice broadcasts for all the humans to leave, or suffer complete and utter destruction
  • Guilliam and Gerrit’s troops are engaged in a firefight at the temple with the Eldar, and the guardian statues, which seem to have come to life.
  • Jeremiah Blitz appeals to the Away Team for help getting off planet, which they agree to.
  • The Away Team manage to drop Blitz off at his ship



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