Port Wander

“A stinking, painted harlot who would see your blood flowing for a few coins, that she may be, but who cannot say that they love the light that is known waiting for the traveller returned from the void.”

- Rogue Trader Cortin Blaine, captain of the Astra Veritas


Port Wander is a void station on the uttermost edge of the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector, rightly regarded as the last bastion of the rule of the Emperor this side of the Koronus Expanse. Set amongst a clutch of asteroids, many of which have been converted into other installations, ship yards, housing unit, repair docks, research stations, and storage facilities. Surrounded by vessels of all shapes and sizes, it glows with the lights of hundreds of beacons and tens of thousands of souls.

A place of desperate hopes and vain dreams, Port Wander teems with a transitory population of traders, spies, merchant factors, pilgrims, and missionaries amongst which move Administratum functionaries and minions of the Mechanicus, all feeding on the riches that flow from the realms beyond the warp storms in the Koronus Expanse.

From a distance, the port resembles a small cityscape, with spires and cathedral towers arching upwards and a huge Aquila marking its allegiance to the God-Emperor. Numerous long piers protrude from the sides with various docking fixtures, ready to bring in ships to anchor. Smaller shuttle craft bays are abuzz with activity carrying cargo and people between ships and the station. On the underside of the station are the main repair yards, including entirely sealed dry-dock bays. Also along the length and breadth of the station are lance emplacements, weapon batteries, torpedo launchers and void shield generators, all placed for maximum efficiency and kept in a constant state of readiness. In addition, squadrons of heavily armed monitor craft are stationed near Port Wander, and warships from Battlefleet Calixis pass the port on regular patrol. Port Wander may be the gate to the Koronus Expanse, but it is a gate that is heavily guarded.

All who travel into the Koronus Expanse share one common experience in that they pass through Port Wander. Be they the pious bringing the Emperor’s Light into the darkness beyond the Imperium or black-hearted monsters searching for the keys to forbidden dreams, many will stop in the last place where the rule of the Golden Throne keeps the horror and possibility of the unknown at bay.

Lower Level Promenade

Mid-Deck Market Promenade


Port Wander

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