Emperor's Favor

What are Emperor’s Favor Points?
Emperor’s Favor Points are a reward given by the GM to Players for in-game and out-of-game achievements. EF points can be spent on a variety of abilities that affect game play to show you have gained the Emperor’s Favor. Some of these are temporary, while others are permanent.

How do I earn Emperor’s Favor Points?
Simple! By contributing to the ongoing creation and development of your character and the overall campaign site. Examples: having a background history for your character, a character or party journal, or keeping core stats updated on your character. Talk to the GM to see what more you can do to earn EF points. Also, the GM can rewards players or the party with EF points for things such as role-playing or overcoming a difficult challenge.

How do I use Emperor’s Favor Points?
Once points have been acquired, they may be used in one of four ways.

First, they may be used once per combat round to gain a short term ability lasting the duration of that round only. Each Round Ability costs 1-2 EF points, according to the Round chart below. You may use only one of these abilities per round. EF points used in this way are not permanently lost, but refresh at the start of the next game session.

Secondly, EF points may be used once per combat encounter to gain a short term ability benefit. Each Encounter Ability costs 2-3 EF points, according to the Encounter chart below. You may use multiple Encounter Abilities per encounter, with a few caveats. The first one is always “free”, meaning EF points used in this way are not permanently lost, but refresh at the start of the next game session. Subsequent Encounter Abilities used during that encounter will “burn” EF points, meaning these are permanently lost.

Third, EF points may be spent on a plot twist. This will give you a random plot twist card which has an immediate effect when played on any target. It also contains 4 plot twists you can use to change the story/situation.

Lastly, EF points may be burned either during a game session, or out of session, to gain some permanent benefit. The EF point cost of these abilities range from 2-10 according to the Permanent chart below. No ability may be purchased more than twice by the same character.

Cornelius 2 EFP
Hoban 2 EFP
Mordechai 0 EFP
Remi 2 EFP
Vendigrath 2 EFP
Party 2 EFP

Round Abilities

Called Attack 1 EFP +5 to WS before rolling dice
Called Shot 1 EFP +5 to BS before rolling dice
Called Pain 1 EFP +5 to Damage before rolling dice
Called Evade 1 EFP +5 to Dodge before rolling dice
Called Taunt 1 EFP +5 to Parry before rolling dice
Called Skill 1 EFP +5 to any skill test before rolling dice
Emperor’s Fury 1 EFP Confirm Righteous Fury
Emperor’s Grace 1 EFP Avoid Righteous Fury
Emperor’s Protection 1 EFP Avoid Critical Damage
Deferred Attack 2 EFP +5 to WS after rolling dice
Deferred Shot 2 EFP +5 to BS after rolling dice
Deferred Pain 2 EFP +5 to damage after rolling dice
Deferred Evade 2 EFP +5 to Dodge after rolling dice
Deferred Taunt 2 EFP +5 to Parry after rolling dice
Deferred Skill 2 EFP +5 to any skill test after rolling dice

Encounter Abilities

Offensive Flurry 2 EFP Reroll WS, choose best
Steady Aim 2 EFP Reroll BS, choose best
Emperor’s Might 2 EFP Reroll Damage, choose best
Rite of Speed 2 EFP Reroll Dodge, choose best
Defensive Flurry 2 EFP Reroll Parry, choose best
Emperor’s Luck 2 EFP Reroll any skill test, choose best
Emperor’s Guard 3 EFP Avoid Critical Damage
Emperor’s Swiftness 3 EFP Win initiative
Extra Cover 3 EFP +2 Toughness, +2 AP
Emperor’s Offensive 3 EFP Gain an extra attack/round

Permanent Abilities

Divine Fortitude 2 EFP +1 Wound
Extra Training 3 EFP +5 Competency bonus to any skill
All the Right Words 4 EFP +1 degree for Multiple Acquisition tests vs. Unwanted Attention
Captain, My Captain 4 EFP +1 degree of success for Retainer Endeavors, if successful
I’m That Good 4 EFP +1 degree of success for any Challenge, if successful
Midas Touch 4 EFP +10 to Acquisition rolls
Branching Out 5 EFP Get a trained skill (Rank permitting) from any other class
Cross Training 10 EFP Get a trained talent (Rank permitting) from any other class

Fate Points
Don’t forget about Fate Points! These are detailed on page 233 of the Rogue Trader core book. In a nutshell though, you can use 1 Fate Point to do:

• Reroll a failed test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
• Gain a +10 bonus to a test. This must be chosen before dice are rolled.
• Add an extra degree of success to a test. This may chosen after dice are rolled.
• Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly remove 1d5 Damage (this cannot affect Critical Damage).
• Instantly recover from being Stunned.

Fate points spent this way refresh at the start of the next game session.

Sometimes though, neither the Emperor’s Favor nor Fate can save you from a Heavy Melta to the face. In these cases, you can permanently burn a Fate point to:

• Your Character survives whatever it was that would have killed him, but only just.

Emperor's Favor

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