Lady Ash

A silent and deadly psyker


Lady Ash is a silent, pale skinned psyker whose origins and home world are known only to Hadarak. Whether she is truly a mute or simply chooses not to speak is not known, however her devotion to Hadarak is without question – a devotion that is sadly one-sided. The Rogue Trader uses her as the favored instrument of his will and the hand of his displeasure against both his enemies and allies. However, Hadarak only values her life as long as it is of use to him, and like all of his possessions, will use and discard it if need be in his endless pursuit of wealth and power.

Lady Ash is also seldom seen without her psyber-raven Pyrexia. This dark feathered shadow is to Lady Ash as she is to Hadarak, and a potent tool in the hands of such a skilled psyker. Lady Ash is a telekinetic and rogue psyker – she has never been bonded or marked by Imperial authorities.

Lady Ash

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