Hull: Gun-Cutter
Type: Spacecraft
Tactical Speed: 25m / 14 AU
Cruising Speed: 2,000kph / 5 VU in space
Maneuverability: +0
Structural Integrity: 45
Size: Massive
Armor: Front 40; Side 35; Rear 30
Void Shields 1
Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot; Tech Priest Enginseer; 2 Gunners
Carry Capacity: Quarters for 6 people; max room for 30 people or equivalent cargo

  • 2 Pilot-operated Long-barreled Autocannons (Facing Front; Range 450m/5 AU; Heavy; S/2/5; 4d10+4 I; Pen 4; Clip 500; Reload 2 Full)
  • 2 Gunner-operated Twin-linked Heavy Bolters (Facing Front/Left; Facing Front/Right; Range 120m/2 AU; Heavy; //10; 2d10 X; Pen 5; Clip 400; Reload 3 Full)

Special Rules
Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere, but may not enter the Warp. While in the atmosphere, it may operate as a flyer or skimmer at the pilot’s discretion.
Pilot Operated Linked Weaponry: All weapons classified as “pilot-operated” may all be fired by the pilot as one shooting action, at targets no more than 1 AU apart. Roll for hits and damage separately with each weapon.
Reinforced Hull: When a vehicle with a Reinforced Hull receives a critical hit, halve the result, rounding up. This quality does not affect rolls to the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.


Pilot: Hoban Reynolds
Co-Pilot: Cassandra Herian
Tech Priest Enginseer: Aestaban
Left Gunner: Gannet
Right Gunner: Rook


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