Hoban Reynolds

Void Master, Rank 4


Character Sheet

  • Weapon Skill: 33
  • Ballistic Skill: 40
  • Strength: 30
  • Toughness: 42
  • Agility: 60
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Perception: 40
  • Will Power: 40
  • Fellowship: 28
  • Wounds: 10
    • Fatigue: 0
  • Insanity: Stable (2)
  • Corruption: None (0)
  • Fate: 3

Hand Cannon
Power Sword
Grenade Launcher

Hoban’s Pack


Hoban Reynolds is a Void Master who found his calling in the pilot’s seat. Born on the Misericord and living on the lower decks there, he learned early on that those who can’t fend for themselves are killed. While not opposed to violence, he found he preferred being the one flying the ship rather than sending bullets flying.

When he turned 16 he was part of a raiding party that attacked a family of settlers who got lost wandering the decks during transport. The gang attacked them and, upon finding nothing of value, started laying waste to them all, even the children. Hoban couldn’t take it anymore and he started making plans to escape that life.

Being void-born did not leave him with many options, but he eventually managed to convince a pilot named Seth Moreau from House Vattara to give him a chance when the Misericord was docked in port. He was told to meet up with a House representative stationed on the planet Lacusta and he would be given his chance. After a few months of planning, he was able to sneak off the Misericord on a transport and made his way to Lacusta. The trip took over two years. Only he and Moreau know what those 2 years were like, and neither of them is willing to speak about it. Whatever it was, it impressed the head Vattara pilot so much that Hoban was quickly sworn into Vattara service shortly after arriving aboard the Indefatigable and meeting Lady Captain Vattara.

He has been earning respect as a pilot and aside from constantly looking over his shoulder for his former gang and the Misericord, he is much happier in his new life.

Hoban Reynolds

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