Cornelius Cutter

Navigator, Rank 3


Character Sheet

  • Weapon Skill: 25
  • Ballistic Skill: 50
  • Strength: 30
  • Toughness: 50
  • Agility: 40
  • Intelligence: 60
  • Perception: 60
  • Will Power: 65
  • Fellowship: 40
  • Wounds: 21
    • Fatigue: 0
  • Insanity: Stable (4)
  • Corruption: None (0)
  • Fate: 4

Hellpistol with Combi-Flamer
Metal Staff
Grox Whip

Cornelius’ Pack

The Journal of Cornelius Cutter


Cornelius (Cutter) Vor’cle, Navigator

Cornelius was the product of an arranged marriage within the Vor’cle Navigator House. His genetic map, conception, birth, and upbringing were meticulously planned years in advance to ensure continued prosperity of the House. The Magisterial House Vor’cle is an influential member of the Navis Nobilite with very strong ties to Imperial nobility. He was raised by tutors within the Vor’cle House as well as by those from some of the most significant noble families of the Imperium. In addition to proper etiquette and composure, he grew quite adept at debate, manipulation, and intimidation. Pride and honor are exceedingly important to Cornelius, though these are not necessarily traits shared with many of his House.

One of his closest mentors was from the Adeptus Mechanicus. From him, Cornelius learned vast amounts of information about the Machine Cult of Mars and about Gellar field theory – understanding that without this technology, the navigator’s abilities would be practically useless. Apart from the high society and much to the chagrin of his peers, Cornelius also tolerated the lower class and was even friendly with some.

While navigators from House Vor’cle are regularly called upon by Imperial Navy, only the top 10 or 15% of the House have that honor. To be selected, one must prove his worth, and as such, Cornelius made every effort to take on the most challenging contracts available to his House. In one such contract, Cornelius was selected to navigate the Adeptus Mechanicus warship Eternal Keeper on a delicate recovery mission. One can only assume it was the recovery of some ancient technological artifact the tech priests regularly “liberate” from lesser hands. On a ship full of tech priests, the last thing anyone expected was a mechanical failure. As all explorers know, the only thing separating the living from the daemonic forces of the warp is the Gellar field surrounding the ship. Even the momentary fluctuation of the field on this specific ship had disastrous results. Whatever Cornelius encountered on this voyage has not been spoken about since; however, it was clear to his comrades that he did not walk away unscathed.

One tech priest on this voyage was an Exporator known as Vendigrath Solar. Though it was never confirmed, Vendigrath held himself partially responsible for the cause of the field fluctuation. As a result, Vendigrath acts as if beholden to Cornelius.

  • Age 3-10 – Apprenticeship began; discipline of the mind and body; meditation and martial arts
  • Age 10-17 – Advanced training including mathematics, hyper-spatial geometry, history, politics, economics, warp theory, warp engine design and construction
  • Age 17-24 – Master training focused on opening the mind to the Immaterium (warp) and the mystical development of the third (pineal) eye
  • Age 24 – Applied for and was granted Master Navigator’s “ticket”
  • Age 29 – Ticket renewal required additional mental and physical testing with oversight by the Inquisition due to Cornelius’ “encounter” (as described above) to ensure he was not tainted. The Inquisition was satisfied with Cornelius’s state of mind and body. He was granted his Navigator ticket renewal.
  • Age 33 – Current age; ticket renewal up in one year (every 5 years)

Cornelius Cutter

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