Profit and Peril

Chapter 5g

The Explorers decide to see if the Light of Terra is a viable option, as their future selves were able to get a nexus point reading there as well as some rare items. Upon arriving at the location, they were easily able to find the nexus and get another portion of the map revealed to them. This information matched the data their future selves had obtained.

The Light of Terra warped in close to them, so they easily breached the ancient systems to gain entry. Finding the ship not as abandoned or as deserted as they expected, they made their way to the bridge and met with Lord Captain Draken Roth. They were charged with making the Light of Terra warp-worthy again, to bring the Light of the Emperor to the farthest reaches of the Expanse. In order to do this, they had to bring the plasma reactor online, repair the broken power conduits, and awaken the Machine Spirit. In addition, they needed to recruit the aid of the various tribes living aboard the ship.

They were successful in all things, with the slight exception of brokering a true peace among the tribes. As a reward, Lord Captain Roth allowed them some time to raid the ancient holds before he took the ship back out into the black. The Explorers found some ancient items of great value, including full data slates of the ship’s history as well as Lord Captain Roth’s logs before the Light of Terra warped out again.

Items found:

  • Hand of Retribution: This is a small circular device that fits neatly into the palm of the hand and is easily concealable (+30 on any tests to hide the Hand). When the Hand is opened, it springs forth a hidden thin blade of shimmering power, counting as a Best craftsmanship power weapon (1d10 +4 E; Pen 4; Power Field)
  • Consort Honor Blade: Once used exclusively by the royal guards of Heltor, this Best craftsmanship weapon glaive counts as a 2-handed Power Axe. In addition, in incorporates a Hellgun in its shaft. In any given round, the wielder must decide if it is being used as a glaive or a gun.
  • Ghost Voice Auspex: A sensory device of ancient and wonderous design, the Ghost Voice functions as an auspex in all respects (but has a 100m range that cannot be blocked by normal materials). In addition, the auspex constantly whispers the user, alerting them of danger. The user cannot be surprised, and adds +4 to Initiative rolls.



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