Profit and Peril

Chapter 5f

The Explorers made the call to breach the other Black Bastard Sword. Upon entering the ship, they were quickly set upon by Chaos-tainted and corrupted members of that ship’s crew. Quickly realizing that they would be overrun and overpowered soon, they made the tactical decision to withdraw, and not a moment too soon as the howling victory cries of what was assumed to be Chaos beasts echoed through the halls.

They tried a bold tactic next, breaching the bridge of the other ship instead of fighting their way through endless hallways. Once there, they were able to determine what had happened to that ship and themselves by hacking into and exploiting the computer systems. They quickly decided to get the warp nexus and map next by towing it into their own ship.

Armed with that knowledge, they chose to leave the Processional of the Damned immediately. As they made for the warp point, Chaos reaver ships gave chase, and through the ingenuity of jettisoning and trapping the nexus point, they were able to easily escape the Processional as well as eliminate a number of their pursuers.

They transitioned back to the warp point, and now are making final decisions as to where to head next, but the current vote is for Sabine.



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