Profit and Peril

Chapter 5e

The Processional of the Damned is aptly named, as all manners of strange things happen once the BBS starts to make her way to the Eldar Nexus deep within the seas of dead ships. The BBS comes under attack from hundreds of space suit clad forms, cutting deep into the ship systems and the hull, only to dissipate into floating pieces of armor when defeated.

The Explorers meet the sane remnants of Wrath Umbolt’s crew, who ask for passage out from the Processional in exchange for 2 years and a day of serving aboard the BBS. They are actively being hunted by the larger, Chaos-serving and worshiping part of the original crew. As the BBS moves ever deeper in the Sea of Hulks, they collect all the stragglers.

When the final group has come aboard, the Explorers are quickly summoned to the bridge. There, on the view screens before them, is the floating wreck of the Black Bastard Sword.



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