Profit and Peril

Chapter 5d

As everyone staggers to their feet, a gentleman’s truce is called among all the humans against the xenos Eldar. Using cover or sheer will, everyone charges the temple as the Eldar open fire, cutting down guards with their strange weapons. Ropes and grapples are quickly produced, and the long ascent to the the top begins.

A battle with the Eldar, who you believe are trying to shift the whole temple out of phase with existence begins. Through the combined might of humanity, you prevail over the Eldar, who teleport out like the cowards the God-Emperor has decreed them to be. As fate or blind luck would have it, you even manage to capture one of their number.

The top of the temple is an intricate star map, with the center being Chandraskar, the planet of your visions. The map is damaged though, through eons of neglect as well as through the efforts of the Eldar and your recent battle. You are able to deduce through the intersecting lines and jewels that the true location of Chandraskar lie out in the Koronus Expanse. Each jewel points to a location that can shed more information on the prize planet.

The Rogue Traders capture the map info, and begin yet another mad scramble off-planet to be the first to visit the map locations.

You decide to visit the closest one, a lone wraithbone portal hovering in empty space. Flying the BBS through it is a simple task, and you suddenly fight yourself on the other side of the Expanse, in the Processional of the Damned.



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