Profit and Peril

Chapter 5c

As you prepare to leave Footfall, your newly christened ship suddenly takes fire from the turrets on the berthing docks themselves! A message from the surviving thug you encountered earlier mocks and taunts you from your viewscreen. You depart Footfall, but not before swearing revenge on the maimed thug.

Within the Footfall system, you see that Lady Charlabelle Armelan and her vessel the Grace of Sopha is under attack by an unseen enemy. The BB moves to engage, and are able to score a few direct hits on a stealthed vessel that flickers in and out of the warp. The mysterious vessel disengages and heads towards one of the many system jump points.The Grace of Sopha spits out escape pods, and the BB is able to rescue a few, one of which contains a Kroot Mercenary named Taknrak, who signs a contract with the Explorers.

The trip to the planet is fast and uneventful, but upon arriving, the system looks nothing like the planet you saw in your vision. In addition, a convoy of alien ships are heading straight towards you. The alien invites you to trade aboard its vessel, and while you barter for various items, the mysterious ship from Footfall enters the system, causing the alien vessels to flee in the opposite direction.

You finally descend to the planet, noting that several indigenous lifeforms bear a strong resemblance to those you’ve encountered in the Polnia system. The planet has strange structures dotting the landscape, culminating in a very large structure on the equator. Marching your way through the jungle, you come upon a clearing next to the structure. To your dismay, other Rogue Traders and their troops/retinues soon arrive. Being men of action, combat soon breaks out, as more and more Rogue Traders join in the fray.

A large shockwave stuns and knocks people to their feet. Staggering to your feet, you see the forms of what could only be Eldar materialize on top of the structure.



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