Profit and Peril

Chapter 5b

A brutal interrogation of the remianing gangers and mutants reveal that they were hired by a Rogue Trader to eliminate his rivals. Max is now recovering aboard your new ship.

You attended the strangest auction ever, and with Mordechai’s skill in Commerce, were able to safely navigate the separation of the true power players from all the riff-raff. Your bid was accepted by the Intercessor, and your place at the Foretelling was secured. In addition, you saw several old friends and enemies, as well as new friends and potential allies/rivals at the auction as well.

The Foretelling with the Seven Witches was anything but normal. The vision was intense, so much so that you’re all a bit more warp-touched than before, but you now know the location of the treasure you seek. A mad dash to the docks and their berthed ships ensued from all those who attended.



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