Profit and Peril

Chapter 5

After making it to Footfall, returning the Panoptes to the Inquisition, and finally taking possession of your ship (Name still TBD), you still found time to meet some Kroot mercenaries, spot a shadowy figure keeping an eye on you, kill some locals to make a point (you left the Grand Admiral alive). In addition, you attended a fancy banquet with a wide array of dishes, with Mordechai going just a tad bit more insane. You met two new Rogue Traders: Baron Djanko Scourge and the dashing Jeremiah Blitz. You found out more details about the Foretelling: that it is happening soon, that an Auction will take place to bid for 1 of the 10 spots at the Foretelling. Finally you came to the rescue of Missionary Max, who was waylaid by local gangers and mutants. While you saved him, you weren’t quick enough to prevent him from being assaulted by a huge mutant hulk, and Max is now quite comatose. You did leave a few of the gangers and mutants alive (must have been an off day), perhaps they have more info?



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