Profit and Peril

Chapter 4i

The ancient construct known as The Whisperer emerges from the Polnia gas giant, its weapons blazing with strange dark energy, heading straight for Installation 17. You quickly board the Panoptes and head away from The Whisperer. The system ships there come to life and turn to intercept you. Void Wasps spring forth from the gas giant, speeding up incredibly fast towards you. The Whisperer passes over the Installation, unleashing a barrage of alien weaponry at it, causing massive explosions and fires. The Panoptes is set to flee the area as fast as she can go.

With a crackling in the Void, the Fist of Salvation and the Indefatigable emerge from the Warp, missiles and torpedoes launching with deadly accuracy, and maneuvering to bring their massive macrocannon broadsides to bear on the enemy. You turn and join the fight, and with the additional firepower, the Void Wasps and eventually The Whisperer succumb to your superior tactics.

With The Whisperer destroyed, the Polnia system transitions back from all the horrors and atrocities her residents have committed under its control.

  • You have taken the shuttle you found on Installation 17 from the Panoptes to the Indefatigable to debrief with Lady Captain Vattara
  • The remains of the Whisperer are quickly crumbling apart as whatever alien energy holding it together dissipates
    • Captain Lennox says that it is an ancient alien sentient battleship that once attacked the Koronus Expanse en masse
      • He referred to it as the “Yu’vath”
      • He also mentions a tyrannid-like alien race known as the Rak’Gol, who hunt for the Yu’vath and their artifacts
    • The mining barges and cargo trawlers from Installation 17 are busy underway jettisoning the remains of The Whisperer into the sun
    • The Fist of Salvation has begun some reclamation of their own of the remains for future study
    • A few barges have also begin collecting remains for your safekeeping and study
  • The Gibbs is underway to drop off each company to their homes (Gear, I17, Prime) to assist in reclaiming control and establishing security
    • The Council of Psykers and Ullina are being dropped off at Polnia Prime
  • The Hotspur and her crew are underway to your location
  • Inquisitor Lorrox has been transferred off the Panoptes to the Fist of Salvation
    • His retinue have also gone over to debrief with Captain Lennox
  • Around the system…
    • Magos Terber is busy on Gear getting shielding restored that protects the industry vehicle from the toxic atmosphere and storms
    • Installation 17 is busy putting out fires and damaged components from The Whisperer’s attack
    • Polnia Prime is broadcasting Lady Captain Vattara’s message to notify the public and assure everyone salvation has arrived
    • The Crystal Council on Polnia Prime is also waiting for a debrief, in addition to throwing a parade/feast in honor of the return of House Vattara and the liberation of the system
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