Profit and Peril

Chapter 4h

After your brazen assault on Installation 17, you finally met Inquisitor Lorrox and his retinue. Attacking swiftly, the Whisperer-controlled guards are no match for your firepower, and only the Inquisitor’s power augmented by the Whisperer keeps him and his team from harm. Well, mostly, as the splash damage from your grenades kill Tamena, the group’s electronic security & hacking expert and gravely injures Lorrox. He calls a cease-fire and alternates between lucidity and madness, finally culminating into a vow to dominate all space. Rushing from Installation 17, you manage to acquire 2 suits of power armor, one of which was heavily damaged in a brawl with Vendigrath. You make it aboard Inquisitor Lorrox’s ship as the gas giant Polnia below begins to grow more and more agitated…

A strange transmission from Indio…



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