Profit and Peril

Chapter 4 Wrap-up

Aboard the Indefatigable, recently arrived from Dulcoraad, you learn from Lady Captain Vattara:

  • Arely, Zandra, Spencer, Seth: While on Footfall, they found news of a Foretelling involving the Seven Witches. In addition, Guilliam Bissonet is there as well, trying to sell off the 3 stolen cargo ships.
  • The Bogenhaven relief & support has been completed! House Vattara has chosen to take a small percentage of each season’s harvest indefinitely rather than large portions of a limited number of harvests from each estate there.
  • Met with Govenor Keppler & the Gasciognes: Established a trade agreement with Polnia & House Vattara. The Gasciognes have arranged to have their estate handed over to you – far too many bad memories there for them. They are aboard the Indy to resettle and start over on Polnia Prime. Lady Vattara says you need to find someone you trust to run the operation, or learn to do it yourselves.
  • Lady Charlabelle Armelan is headed to Footfall for more repairs as well as the Foretelling. She is very grateful for House Vattara and all their support since the Bissonet attack.
  • Max, Ezra, Azan: Still aboard the Indy. Max is willing to go with you to the Foretelling.

Around the system:

  • Speaker Talik is overjoyed and gifts you with the PDF Company that served with you throughout the Polnia Liberation Campaign.
    • He has also agreed for those Polnia citizens interested in serving aboard a spaceship to be recruited on the Indefatigable or your new ship at Footfall.
  • The remaining psykers will build a new training academy, this time on Polnia Prime.
    • Ullina has been invited accompany you, should you wish her to. Otherwise, she will serve with Lady Vattara.
  • Captain Lennox and Inquisitor Lorrox thank you effusively, and ask you to return the Panoptes and servitors to Footfall to the Inquisition, with no questions asked on either side. For your role in the campaign, they will personally gift you with a Sword-class frigate from their family. They plan to leave together on the Fist of Salvation, telling Lady Vattara and you that Lorrox needs to heal before reporting back to the Imperium.
    • Inquisitor Lorrox’s retinue has been released from service and has the option to continue with him, with you, or return to their civilian life.
  • Lady Vattara and the Council would like you to inform Footfall & Port Wander that trade is now restored with Polnia. This news will of course spread to other systems in the Expanse.
  • The Councilman still wants black market goods on the down low without Lady Vattara knowing. You report him immediately to Lady Vattara, who promises to deal with him personally.
  • You have proscribed texts taken from Taciturn, the desiccated heart talisman, and Yu’vath artifacts from the Void Wasps and The Whisperer. Lady Vattara warns about the dangers of the Cold Trade, those willing to do very bad things for them, and how the Imperium hunts and prosecutes those involved.
  • The Council would like work to begin again based on Silvio’s work on Taciturn. They ask you to recruit sculptors & artists on your travels to complete the statue of the God-Emperor.
  • Magos Terber on Gear has agreed to install a mechadendrite arm onto Vendigrath.
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