Profit and Peril

Last Session
  • Cornelius, Mordechai and Tak head back aboard the BBS to coordinate ship-side action while the Away Team (Remi, Hoban and Vendigrath) stay planetside to continue exploration
  • The BBS moves to engage the slave barges of Krawkin Feckward
  • The Away team investigates the ancient ruins/holy site of the Santarchs
  • They discover a giant space map embedded into the surface, identical to the ones you’ve seen, but with 1 crucial difference: One of the locations depicted shows a possible 2-way path
  • Guilliam Bissonet & Abel Gerrit finally arrive at Chandraskar
  • * Guilliam launches multiple warheads planetside, striking populated areas while Gerrit launches bomber squadrons who strafe areas where the other Rogue Traders have landed
  • * They land their troops at the temple
  • 4 Eldar ships enter the system
  • The portal at the temple is activated, spreading warpfire around the planet. An Eldar voice broadcasts for all the humans to leave, or suffer complete and utter destruction
  • Guilliam and Gerrit’s troops are engaged in a firefight at the temple with the Eldar, and the guardian statues, which seem to have come to life.
  • Jeremiah Blitz appeals to the Away Team for help getting off planet, which they agree to.
  • The Away Team manage to drop Blitz off at his ship
Chapter 5g

The Explorers decide to see if the Light of Terra is a viable option, as their future selves were able to get a nexus point reading there as well as some rare items. Upon arriving at the location, they were easily able to find the nexus and get another portion of the map revealed to them. This information matched the data their future selves had obtained.

The Light of Terra warped in close to them, so they easily breached the ancient systems to gain entry. Finding the ship not as abandoned or as deserted as they expected, they made their way to the bridge and met with Lord Captain Draken Roth. They were charged with making the Light of Terra warp-worthy again, to bring the Light of the Emperor to the farthest reaches of the Expanse. In order to do this, they had to bring the plasma reactor online, repair the broken power conduits, and awaken the Machine Spirit. In addition, they needed to recruit the aid of the various tribes living aboard the ship.

They were successful in all things, with the slight exception of brokering a true peace among the tribes. As a reward, Lord Captain Roth allowed them some time to raid the ancient holds before he took the ship back out into the black. The Explorers found some ancient items of great value, including full data slates of the ship’s history as well as Lord Captain Roth’s logs before the Light of Terra warped out again.

Items found:

  • Hand of Retribution: This is a small circular device that fits neatly into the palm of the hand and is easily concealable (+30 on any tests to hide the Hand). When the Hand is opened, it springs forth a hidden thin blade of shimmering power, counting as a Best craftsmanship power weapon (1d10 +4 E; Pen 4; Power Field)
  • Consort Honor Blade: Once used exclusively by the royal guards of Heltor, this Best craftsmanship weapon glaive counts as a 2-handed Power Axe. In addition, in incorporates a Hellgun in its shaft. In any given round, the wielder must decide if it is being used as a glaive or a gun.
  • Ghost Voice Auspex: A sensory device of ancient and wonderous design, the Ghost Voice functions as an auspex in all respects (but has a 100m range that cannot be blocked by normal materials). In addition, the auspex constantly whispers the user, alerting them of danger. The user cannot be surprised, and adds +4 to Initiative rolls.
Chapter 5f

The Explorers made the call to breach the other Black Bastard Sword. Upon entering the ship, they were quickly set upon by Chaos-tainted and corrupted members of that ship’s crew. Quickly realizing that they would be overrun and overpowered soon, they made the tactical decision to withdraw, and not a moment too soon as the howling victory cries of what was assumed to be Chaos beasts echoed through the halls.

They tried a bold tactic next, breaching the bridge of the other ship instead of fighting their way through endless hallways. Once there, they were able to determine what had happened to that ship and themselves by hacking into and exploiting the computer systems. They quickly decided to get the warp nexus and map next by towing it into their own ship.

Armed with that knowledge, they chose to leave the Processional of the Damned immediately. As they made for the warp point, Chaos reaver ships gave chase, and through the ingenuity of jettisoning and trapping the nexus point, they were able to easily escape the Processional as well as eliminate a number of their pursuers.

They transitioned back to the warp point, and now are making final decisions as to where to head next, but the current vote is for Sabine.

Chapter 5e

The Processional of the Damned is aptly named, as all manners of strange things happen once the BBS starts to make her way to the Eldar Nexus deep within the seas of dead ships. The BBS comes under attack from hundreds of space suit clad forms, cutting deep into the ship systems and the hull, only to dissipate into floating pieces of armor when defeated.

The Explorers meet the sane remnants of Wrath Umbolt’s crew, who ask for passage out from the Processional in exchange for 2 years and a day of serving aboard the BBS. They are actively being hunted by the larger, Chaos-serving and worshiping part of the original crew. As the BBS moves ever deeper in the Sea of Hulks, they collect all the stragglers.

When the final group has come aboard, the Explorers are quickly summoned to the bridge. There, on the view screens before them, is the floating wreck of the Black Bastard Sword.

Chapter 5d

As everyone staggers to their feet, a gentleman’s truce is called among all the humans against the xenos Eldar. Using cover or sheer will, everyone charges the temple as the Eldar open fire, cutting down guards with their strange weapons. Ropes and grapples are quickly produced, and the long ascent to the the top begins.

A battle with the Eldar, who you believe are trying to shift the whole temple out of phase with existence begins. Through the combined might of humanity, you prevail over the Eldar, who teleport out like the cowards the God-Emperor has decreed them to be. As fate or blind luck would have it, you even manage to capture one of their number.

The top of the temple is an intricate star map, with the center being Chandraskar, the planet of your visions. The map is damaged though, through eons of neglect as well as through the efforts of the Eldar and your recent battle. You are able to deduce through the intersecting lines and jewels that the true location of Chandraskar lie out in the Koronus Expanse. Each jewel points to a location that can shed more information on the prize planet.

The Rogue Traders capture the map info, and begin yet another mad scramble off-planet to be the first to visit the map locations.

You decide to visit the closest one, a lone wraithbone portal hovering in empty space. Flying the BBS through it is a simple task, and you suddenly fight yourself on the other side of the Expanse, in the Processional of the Damned.

Chapter 5c

As you prepare to leave Footfall, your newly christened ship suddenly takes fire from the turrets on the berthing docks themselves! A message from the surviving thug you encountered earlier mocks and taunts you from your viewscreen. You depart Footfall, but not before swearing revenge on the maimed thug.

Within the Footfall system, you see that Lady Charlabelle Armelan and her vessel the Grace of Sopha is under attack by an unseen enemy. The BB moves to engage, and are able to score a few direct hits on a stealthed vessel that flickers in and out of the warp. The mysterious vessel disengages and heads towards one of the many system jump points.The Grace of Sopha spits out escape pods, and the BB is able to rescue a few, one of which contains a Kroot Mercenary named Taknrak, who signs a contract with the Explorers.

The trip to the planet is fast and uneventful, but upon arriving, the system looks nothing like the planet you saw in your vision. In addition, a convoy of alien ships are heading straight towards you. The alien invites you to trade aboard its vessel, and while you barter for various items, the mysterious ship from Footfall enters the system, causing the alien vessels to flee in the opposite direction.

You finally descend to the planet, noting that several indigenous lifeforms bear a strong resemblance to those you’ve encountered in the Polnia system. The planet has strange structures dotting the landscape, culminating in a very large structure on the equator. Marching your way through the jungle, you come upon a clearing next to the structure. To your dismay, other Rogue Traders and their troops/retinues soon arrive. Being men of action, combat soon breaks out, as more and more Rogue Traders join in the fray.

A large shockwave stuns and knocks people to their feet. Staggering to your feet, you see the forms of what could only be Eldar materialize on top of the structure.

Chapter 5b

A brutal interrogation of the remianing gangers and mutants reveal that they were hired by a Rogue Trader to eliminate his rivals. Max is now recovering aboard your new ship.

You attended the strangest auction ever, and with Mordechai’s skill in Commerce, were able to safely navigate the separation of the true power players from all the riff-raff. Your bid was accepted by the Intercessor, and your place at the Foretelling was secured. In addition, you saw several old friends and enemies, as well as new friends and potential allies/rivals at the auction as well.

The Foretelling with the Seven Witches was anything but normal. The vision was intense, so much so that you’re all a bit more warp-touched than before, but you now know the location of the treasure you seek. A mad dash to the docks and their berthed ships ensued from all those who attended.

Chapter 5

After making it to Footfall, returning the Panoptes to the Inquisition, and finally taking possession of your ship (Name still TBD), you still found time to meet some Kroot mercenaries, spot a shadowy figure keeping an eye on you, kill some locals to make a point (you left the Grand Admiral alive). In addition, you attended a fancy banquet with a wide array of dishes, with Mordechai going just a tad bit more insane. You met two new Rogue Traders: Baron Djanko Scourge and the dashing Jeremiah Blitz. You found out more details about the Foretelling: that it is happening soon, that an Auction will take place to bid for 1 of the 10 spots at the Foretelling. Finally you came to the rescue of Missionary Max, who was waylaid by local gangers and mutants. While you saved him, you weren’t quick enough to prevent him from being assaulted by a huge mutant hulk, and Max is now quite comatose. You did leave a few of the gangers and mutants alive (must have been an off day), perhaps they have more info?

Chapter 4 Wrap-up

Aboard the Indefatigable, recently arrived from Dulcoraad, you learn from Lady Captain Vattara:

  • Arely, Zandra, Spencer, Seth: While on Footfall, they found news of a Foretelling involving the Seven Witches. In addition, Guilliam Bissonet is there as well, trying to sell off the 3 stolen cargo ships.
  • The Bogenhaven relief & support has been completed! House Vattara has chosen to take a small percentage of each season’s harvest indefinitely rather than large portions of a limited number of harvests from each estate there.
  • Met with Govenor Keppler & the Gasciognes: Established a trade agreement with Polnia & House Vattara. The Gasciognes have arranged to have their estate handed over to you – far too many bad memories there for them. They are aboard the Indy to resettle and start over on Polnia Prime. Lady Vattara says you need to find someone you trust to run the operation, or learn to do it yourselves.
  • Lady Charlabelle Armelan is headed to Footfall for more repairs as well as the Foretelling. She is very grateful for House Vattara and all their support since the Bissonet attack.
  • Max, Ezra, Azan: Still aboard the Indy. Max is willing to go with you to the Foretelling.

Around the system:

  • Speaker Talik is overjoyed and gifts you with the PDF Company that served with you throughout the Polnia Liberation Campaign.
    • He has also agreed for those Polnia citizens interested in serving aboard a spaceship to be recruited on the Indefatigable or your new ship at Footfall.
  • The remaining psykers will build a new training academy, this time on Polnia Prime.
    • Ullina has been invited accompany you, should you wish her to. Otherwise, she will serve with Lady Vattara.
  • Captain Lennox and Inquisitor Lorrox thank you effusively, and ask you to return the Panoptes and servitors to Footfall to the Inquisition, with no questions asked on either side. For your role in the campaign, they will personally gift you with a Sword-class frigate from their family. They plan to leave together on the Fist of Salvation, telling Lady Vattara and you that Lorrox needs to heal before reporting back to the Imperium.
    • Inquisitor Lorrox’s retinue has been released from service and has the option to continue with him, with you, or return to their civilian life.
  • Lady Vattara and the Council would like you to inform Footfall & Port Wander that trade is now restored with Polnia. This news will of course spread to other systems in the Expanse.
  • The Councilman still wants black market goods on the down low without Lady Vattara knowing. You report him immediately to Lady Vattara, who promises to deal with him personally.
  • You have proscribed texts taken from Taciturn, the desiccated heart talisman, and Yu’vath artifacts from the Void Wasps and The Whisperer. Lady Vattara warns about the dangers of the Cold Trade, those willing to do very bad things for them, and how the Imperium hunts and prosecutes those involved.
  • The Council would like work to begin again based on Silvio’s work on Taciturn. They ask you to recruit sculptors & artists on your travels to complete the statue of the God-Emperor.
  • Magos Terber on Gear has agreed to install a mechadendrite arm onto Vendigrath.
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    Chapter 4i

    The ancient construct known as The Whisperer emerges from the Polnia gas giant, its weapons blazing with strange dark energy, heading straight for Installation 17. You quickly board the Panoptes and head away from The Whisperer. The system ships there come to life and turn to intercept you. Void Wasps spring forth from the gas giant, speeding up incredibly fast towards you. The Whisperer passes over the Installation, unleashing a barrage of alien weaponry at it, causing massive explosions and fires. The Panoptes is set to flee the area as fast as she can go.

    With a crackling in the Void, the Fist of Salvation and the Indefatigable emerge from the Warp, missiles and torpedoes launching with deadly accuracy, and maneuvering to bring their massive macrocannon broadsides to bear on the enemy. You turn and join the fight, and with the additional firepower, the Void Wasps and eventually The Whisperer succumb to your superior tactics.

    With The Whisperer destroyed, the Polnia system transitions back from all the horrors and atrocities her residents have committed under its control.

    • You have taken the shuttle you found on Installation 17 from the Panoptes to the Indefatigable to debrief with Lady Captain Vattara
    • The remains of the Whisperer are quickly crumbling apart as whatever alien energy holding it together dissipates
      • Captain Lennox says that it is an ancient alien sentient battleship that once attacked the Koronus Expanse en masse
        • He referred to it as the “Yu’vath”
        • He also mentions a tyrannid-like alien race known as the Rak’Gol, who hunt for the Yu’vath and their artifacts
      • The mining barges and cargo trawlers from Installation 17 are busy underway jettisoning the remains of The Whisperer into the sun
      • The Fist of Salvation has begun some reclamation of their own of the remains for future study
      • A few barges have also begin collecting remains for your safekeeping and study
    • The Gibbs is underway to drop off each company to their homes (Gear, I17, Prime) to assist in reclaiming control and establishing security
      • The Council of Psykers and Ullina are being dropped off at Polnia Prime
    • The Hotspur and her crew are underway to your location
    • Inquisitor Lorrox has been transferred off the Panoptes to the Fist of Salvation
      • His retinue have also gone over to debrief with Captain Lennox
    • Around the system…
      • Magos Terber is busy on Gear getting shielding restored that protects the industry vehicle from the toxic atmosphere and storms
      • Installation 17 is busy putting out fires and damaged components from The Whisperer’s attack
      • Polnia Prime is broadcasting Lady Captain Vattara’s message to notify the public and assure everyone salvation has arrived
      • The Crystal Council on Polnia Prime is also waiting for a debrief, in addition to throwing a parade/feast in honor of the return of House Vattara and the liberation of the system
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